Trevor Noah Lost His Voice, But Continued To Host 'The Daily Show' With Help From Mike Acosta

The Comedian Lost His Voice Celebrating Nelson Mandela's Birthday In South Africa

December 5, 2018

Press Association

Trevor Noah sat in his normal chair for Tuesday’s episode of ‘The Daily Show,’ but he left talking duties up to someone else. After losing his voice while in South Africa, doctors ordered Noah not to speak at all, or risk needing surgery. This lead to comedian Mike Acosta filling in for the speaking part of Tuesday’s show.

The normal host of ‘The Daily Show’ lost his voice while celebrating the centennial birth of Nelson Mandela. Events took place in South Africa commemorating the life and work of the former president and anti-apartheid leader. Mandela is a personal hero to Trevor Noah, a native South African, and it seems the large scale event took Noah’s voice away for the time being.

Tuesday’s taping of ‘The Daily Show’ started just like any other, but after walking onto the set, and receiving cheers from the crowd, Noah walked over to his desk, where comedian Mike Acosta was already sitting. Acosta addressed the crowd, explaining that for that show, he would be doing the talking for Noah.

Speaking as Noah, Acosta explained to the audience, “Over the weekend, I lost my voice and my doctor told me not to speak at all or I might get surgery, so I cannot say a word. Luckily, I have Mike Acosta to be my voice for today.” While this was going on, Trevor Noah sat by Acosta’s side adding hand and facial gestures to the monologue.

There was a moment when Mike Acosta relieved himself of his duties of replacing Noah’s voice. When the subject of race came up, Acosta stepped aside, and allowed comedian Roy Wood Jr. to fill in as Trevor Noah’s voice. It is unknown if this move will be permanent for as long as Noah is unable to speak, or how long Noah’s voice will be out for. For now, fans will have to experience Noah’s voice through another comedian. Hopefully they can find someone who can match his accent.

Via USA Today