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Tourists In Hawaii Keep Getting Arrested For Taking Selfies With Lava

June 20, 2018

Hawaii authorities have one very important message for tourists and residents: Please don't take selfies with the incredibly deadly molten lava...

Turns out the massive lava flows caused by the eruption of Mt. Kilauea, which began on May 3, are a pretty big draw for tourists. Authorities have had such a hard time keeping people from getting too close that they've started to seriously crack down.

Close to 40 people have been arrested for loitering near active lava flows since May. Over a dozen of the arrests were made in the past 10 days alone...

Police have even raised the penalties for getting too close to the deadly lava. Overly adventurous tourists could face up to $5,000 fine and a year in jail for getting too close.

People should already know this, but lava is no joke. The eruption has caused massive amounts of lava to flow from fissures, venting it up to 230 feet in the air. So far, the lava has destroyed at least 500 homes and covered 6,000 acres.

On Sunday, the National Guard flew over the mountain, discovering a new 100-foot-wide river of lava moving about 15 mph towards the ocean.