Pouring Chocolate Milk

Tons of Chocolate Milk Spills on to Highway

May 10, 2018

That's one sticky mess.

A truck was overturned early Wednesday morning on highway A2 in Poland, it's cargo was 12 tons of chocolate milk.

The milk spilled on to four lanes, halting traffic going in both directions.

The driver of the truck was left with a broken arm, and was taken to a nearby hospital.

Now the milk is hardening causing more trouble for clean up crews. Senior brigadier of Poland's fire brigade, Bogdan Kowalski, says that "The cooling chocolate is worse than snow."

Marlena Kukawka, a media officer in Poland tells the New York Times, that firefighters were using streams of hot water to melt the chocolate and wash away the mess. She says it will take a few hours or more. The highway connects Poznan to Warsaw, and rarely ever see's any accidents.

You can check out some of the spill in the video below.

Via: USA Today