Texas Town to Host a .5k Run For the 'Underachievers'

April 26, 2018

A Texas town is hosting a race for the non-runners and "underachievers" out there. Boerne, Texas is hosting a .5K charity road race. No, that wasn't a typo.Instead of going the typical 3.1 miles a runner would normally run to complete a 5K, this race will only be .31 miles, or about 545 feet. The race is being announced as a race "for the rest of us," and the "underachievers." 

Of course donuts and beer will be provided at this event. And just in case things get too crazy, the event description also notes, "A possibly fully staffed, or not staffed at all, (a) medical tent will be in place, you know, just in case. 546 yards is nothing to take too lightly."

Unfortunately, registration for the event is full, but if you're feeling generous you can register for VIP which includes no running at all! The race will take place Saturday, May 5. You can find more information here