Texas Store Owner's 'Electric Hammer' Video Goes Viral

April 10, 2018

A small hardware company in Chico, Texas has picked up quite a bit of online fame for a recent video that was uploaded. Wiley of Wiley Hardware is a guy with a lot of creativity and personality who's just looking to keep his business alive. Wiley Hardware has been a part of Chico's main square for decades. With Chico being a town of only about 1,000 residents, Wiley decided to get a little more creative about how to attract business. He rounded up his son and decided to record a video. Wiley told WFAA in an interview, "He just handed me his iPhone, and we recorded it." The video was about an "electric hammer" that was new in the store. "Just make ‘em laugh. And it worked. Just do something dumb," said Wiley. 

The video has now been viewed over 13 million times since it was uploaded. Wiley said, "Everybody wants a good laugh these days, everybody's stressed out. That's why, we think, people are going to come where they feel good."