Bartolo Colon

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers Pitcher Takes A 102 MPH Ball Right to the Gut

May 17, 2018

Bartolo Colon isn't going to let anything stop him.

Not his age, or a line drive to the gut. Colon is only a week away from turning 45, and is already 15 years older than the average MLB player. On Wednesday the Rangers won 5-1 against the Seattle Mariners all with the help of Bartolo Colon, who pitched about 7 innings, and allowed no runs or walks, and just four hits.

It was in the fourth inning when Jean Segura came up to bat and hit line drive straight to Colon. The ball came at Colon at 102 MPH, missed his glove and hit him right in the belly. Colon unfazed by the hit, immediately picked the ball up and threw it to first for the out. After the game Colon was asked about the hit and gave a memorable quote to's T.D. Sullivan, “It hit me more on the side than in the middle, I have a lot of big belly, so I can take it." Check out the video below of Colon taking a hit.

Via: Yahoo Sports