Rare White Rattlesnake Sighting In Texas Park Causes Panic Nationwide

July 16, 2018
Banded Rock Rattlesnake

(Photo via Dreamstime)

Is rattlesnake season over yet?

Every day there seems to be some new warning of a rattler sleeping in a pool floaty or hiding in someone's backyard, and it's honestly, all these sighting are starting to worry us.  And just in case you're not anxious about a potential rattlesnake encounter in the wild, we have a brand new situation for you from the Wyler Aerial Tramway State Park in El Paso. 

A seldom-seen species of pit viper was recently spotted in the park, one that contains an "extremely powerful bite" according to experts.  The Banded Rock Rattlesnake has only been rarely spotted in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, and has the wntire nation collectiverly hyperventilating.

Of course, everyone is pointing out how perfectly the rattlesnake blends into the color of the concrete, making these creatures even more difficult to spot now.  ReptilesMagazine.com says the Banded Rock Rattlesnakes are "very cryptic in nature and not commonly observed because of their coloration, small size and speed."  The park adds though, that the rattlensnake won't strike unless provoked, so if you happen to encouter one in the wild, don't provoke it!

Via Star Telegram