Texas Natives Living In Tennessee Had Texas Dirt Shipped To Them For Their Baby's Birth

May 4, 2018

Get ready to learn a new word...TEXTRA! It's the Texas version of being extra or "over the top". Of course there are a lot of people who could easily fall into the this category. However, we think we've found the most TEXTRA of them all.  

And the most TEXTRA award goes to...Weslee Schroeder!

Weslee is a Texan living in Tennessee, who just couldn't bare that her first child would not be born on Texas soil. So she had her inlaws ship some for the birth!

TEXTRA through and through --#Repost @texashumor with @get_repost ・・・ This is the definition of TEXTRA @weslee1313 . . . #TexasHumor #Texas #Textra

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Confirmed. That is 100% TEXTRA!