Ted Danson

Photo by Michael Tran/Getty Images

Ted Danson Was Arrested Alongside Jane Fonda During Climate Change Protest

This is the first time Ted Danson has been arrested

October 28, 2019

Actor Ted Danson spent some time in jail over the weekend. 

Danson was arrested last Friday while protesting climate change outside the U.S. capitol. He wasn’t the only one walking away in handcuffs; Danson was accompanying actress Jane Fonda in her weekly protest. 

The 'Cheers' actor could be seen smiling while walking away in zip-tie handcuffs. Danson, Fonda, and 30 other protesters were all charged with crowding, obstructing or incommoding.

Ted Danson said this was the first time that he’s been arrested and that it “sharpens the mind.” This is the third time this month that Jane Fonda has been taken into custody while protesting. 

Fonda has been holding weekly protests outside the U.S. capitol, which she calls “Fire Drill Fridays”. This week’s theme was the “protection and restoration of our oceans.” 

Via: CBS News