Kid at a concert

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Teacher Gives Their Student Permission To Skip Class To Go See TOOL In Concert

September 6, 2019

TOOL is back with a brand new album and this fall they’re hitting the road and going on tour. 

Buying concert tickets online makes it easier for us so we don’t have to skip work or school just to stand in line. One 12-year-old in Louisiana is going to have to take some time from school to see TOOL when they stop by Houston. Luckily he has permission from his band teacher to skip class just so he can go see the band in concert. 

The boy’s father shared a screenshot on Reddit of the email he received from his son’s teacher. Looks like the band teacher is a big fan of TOOL as well. 

“If there is, TOOL is a GOOD reason to miss it,” the teacher responded. “My only response, take me with you guys! I am super jealous that he will have the opportunity and I will not punish him for missing for TOOL. Do you like their new album?”

Such a cool teacher!  

Via: Consequence Of Sound