Taylor Swift

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Taylor Swift Covers Phil Collins’ ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’

September 3, 2019

Taylor Swift has been out promoting her new album ‘Lover’; during an interview in New York Swift performed a couple of new songs along with some of her older ones. 

Swift even performed a cover of Phil Collins’ ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’, a song she calls “the most sad, beautiful song ever.” Before playing the love song, Swift explained how she would drive around Nashville listening to this song.

“I love this song so much. I remember driving around Nashville when I first had my driver’s license just screaming the words to this song. The type of love that this song sings about is unconditional love… I think true, unconditional love is like, do you love someone so much that you would even love them if they didn’t love you anymore? That is unconditional love. That’s what this song sings about.” 

The song was originally written by Billy Nicholls and was first released by Leo Sayer in 1978, Collins then did a cover of the song for his 2002 record ‘Testify’.

Check out Taylor Swift cover of ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’ below.

Via: Rolling Stone