Dryer, Laundromat

(Photo via Dreamstime)

Man Tries To Evade Police By Hiding In Dryer

July 23, 2018

Here's a tiny bit of advice: never try and play hide and seek with the police.  Chances are, they will find you.

A man in Spokane, Washington decided to chance it however, and did just that.  Police were called to the apartment of a victim of domestic violence, and the suspect in question went to extreme lengths to hide from the police.  In violation of his probation, he knew if he was caught, it would be bad news, so he decided to hide.  And since he was in an apartment complex, the choices were limited.  He found a spot, however...the dryer.

Police said the suspect refused to emerge from outside the unit, and it didn't take long for a K9 unit to quickly find the man hiding in the stackable washer dryer.  And thankfully for us, the police were wearing a body cam during the ordeal.

The suspect was quickly apprehended, and nobody was injured during the incident.  

Via NY Post