Bobcat Kittens

Stray Bobcats Mistaken for Kittens Leaves 3 Injured

May 8, 2018

Not all kittens are the same.

A family in San Antonio thought they were doing the right thing, taking in two stray kittens that they discovered in the back ally. After trying to give them milk, three of the family members were bitten, and that's when they noticed these were not your average house cats.

With a little research it was revealed that the family had brought home bobcat kittens. Lisa Norwood, a spokesperson from the Animal Care Services says, "Once they started taking a look at the kittens, seeing how big they were, how robust they were, how their tails were bobbed. I think they started doing a little bit more research and educating themselves and thinking: 'You know what, these don't look like your standard house cat. Maybe we should call somebody.' Thankfully, they did."

Norwood says the family members bitten were not seriously injured, but are seeking medical attention. The kittens were taken in by Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, they are currently under quarantine. The bobcats will be monitored and later released on to a protected site.