Photo Credit: PA Images/Sipa USA

Photo Credit: PA Images/Sipa USA

Is Steve Jobs Alive And Living In Egypt?

Talk about a doppelgänger!

September 14, 2019

I guess it's the tech version of an Elvis sighting!

Someone recently snapped a picture of a man in Egypt who looks eerily like Steve Jobs: the legend behind almost everything Apple. 

As the conspiricy theories grow, someone was realistic enough to point out that it's probably Ahmed Basyouney: a social media director who lives in Cairo.

But seriously: look at the guy in the picture (below).  He's crossing his legs just like Steve Jobs used to.  He's barefoot: like Steve Jobs was when he was brainstorming.

My theory?  If this guy is Steve Jobs, he'd definitely have something to say about the iPhone 11's release!

Source: iDrop News

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