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USA Today

Starbucks Will Close All U.S. Stores For Racial-Bias Training

April 17, 2018

Starbucks has announced that they will close their 8,000 U.S. locations on May 29, for an afternoon of racial-biased training. The decision is a direct result of two recent incidents involving alleged racial bias.

The first incident occurred on April 12. A Starbucks employee called the police after noticing two African-American men in the store who had not ordered drinks. According to the two men they were just waiting for a friend. Police arrived and arrested the men. A video of the arrest has since gone viral...

Starbucks then issued a short apology, which actually made people even more angry with the coffee chain.

To make things worse for Starbucks, another video showing alleged racial bias surfaced. This time an African-American man was denied access to the bathroom because he had not purchased anything. The man spoke to a white man who had also not purchased anything yet was still allowed access to the restroom...

The company will train its 175,000 employees on preventing discrimination, promoting inclusion, and ensuring a welcoming atmosphere at all Starbucks locations. The company also plans to include the same bias training part of the core training for new employees.

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