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Southwest Airlines Under Fire After Employee Mocks Child's Name

The Five Year Old Girl Is Named Abcde

November 29, 2018

If you come across someone with an unusual name, its best not to mock them to their face, especially while working. One Southwest Airlines employee is learning that the hard way. A gate agent at a California airport has landed herself in hot water after ridiculing a child whose name is, Abcde.

According to the child’s mother, a gate agent at John Wayne Airport made fun of her daughter after seeing the spelling of her name. Abcde, pronounced “ab-city,” was flying home with her mother to El Paso. Abcde has epilepsy and is allowed to pre-board. This is when the incident occurred with the gate agent.

Once presented with the child’s boarding pass, the gate agent began laughing and “mocking” the girls name, according to her mother. She even went as far as to point at the child and inform other employees about her name. The mother shared the story in video posted to Facebook.

After asking the agent to stop making fun of her daughter, she reminded her that if she could hear it, so could her young daughter. According to Abcde’s mother, “she asked me: ‘mom why is she laughing at my name?’ I said, ‘you know honey, not everyone is nice. And not everyone’s gonna be nice and it’s unfortunate.’” Traci, Abcde’s mother, later learned that the gate agent even took a picture of the boarding pass, and posted it to social media, continuing to mock the name.

Southwest Airlines commented on the situation saying, “The post is not indicative of the care, respect, and civility we expect from all of our employees.” They did not say if the employee was punished, but said it would be used as a learning experience for all employees. Unfortunately for the Southwest employee, now the internet knows of this story, and that may be just as bad as getting fired.

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