Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski

Photo Credit: Tonya Wise/AdMedia/Sipa USA

[VIDEO] The Fire Drill Scene From The Office Without Humor Is A Straight Up Nightmare Scenario

January 9, 2019

Fire drills are necessary, even if they do feel like a complete waste of time. 

The Office might have been one of the best shows on television, and they tried proving how important fire drills are in the funniest way possible. 

The episode "Stress Relief" has one the shows most iconic scenes, the fire drill sequence. A videographer from Alabama recently edited the scene to play out like a short horror movie. All he had to do was cut out all of the humor. Check out the recut scene below. 

Austin Spencer, the videographer who recut the scene told The Huff Post that The Office is one of his favorite TV shows and that he likes showing how editing a few scenes can make a big difference. “Always loved teaching people about the power of editing and how drastically it can change a story. While the scene was originally hilarious, I was genuinely unsettled when I first watched Stanley yell ‘oh my God!’ before eventually collapsing from a heart attack. The scene has a real darkness to it beneath the surface.”

It is definitely not the same without the jokes thrown in. Check out the original scene down below and compare the two.