Solo Is The Most Expensive Star Wars Movie Ever

May 23, 2018
Solo: A Star Wars Story Logo

Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA

The final budget of Solo: A Star Wars story has been revealed, just a few days before its wide release.

After losing it's two directors mid way through production, and reshooting a majority of its scenes the total budget for Solo: A Star Wars story comes in at $250 million. According to Variety the reshoots required for the film nearly doubled the initial budget. The original directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were fired by Lucasfilm just four months into production due to creative differences. Legendary director Ron Howard was then brought in to finish the project.

Though most major blockbuster films come with a price tag of $200 million or more, Solo: A Star Wars story is now 9th most expensive movie ever made right behind Captain America: Civil War and Fate of the Furious. Star Wars: The Force Awakens only had a budget of $245 million, making Solo the most expensive Star Wars movie in the entire franchise.

Via: Movie Web