Snoop Dogg Dropping The Puck

Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Snoop Dogg Commentated Part Of The LA Kings Hockey Game And Did A Phenomenal Job

January 14, 2019

Who knew Snoop Dogg was into hockey? 

Over the weekend The LA Kings hockey team celebrated 90’s throwback night, and what better way than to bring out rapper Snoop Dogg.

Before the game, Snoop served as guest DJ to help warm up the crowd. He then was given the honor of dropping the ceremonial puck at the event. Snoop stuck around the first period to do some commentating. 

This is where things got very interesting for everybody watching at home. Not only does Snoop know how to commentate a hockey game with announcers Alex Faust and Jim Fox, but he was also given two minutes all to himself to call the game. 

At one point a fight broke out on the ice and you can hear Snoop yelling, “Drop the sticks, let’s get crankin’. Snoop Dogg in the house, lemme see something!” Check out the hilarious clips of Snoop calling the LA Kings Game down below.

After watching you’ll wish Snoop was a full time commentator.  

Via: Rolling Stone