Jamie McCarthy / Staff

Snooki From 'The Jersey Shore' Says She's Retiring From Show

December 6, 2019

Fans of the popular reality series "The Jersey Shore" were in for a shock this week.  

 Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi announced that she is officially retiring from the hit MTV show.  

“I love you so much, and don’t hate me for my decision,” she said. “I am retiring from 'Jersey Shore.' I am not coming back to 'Jersey Shore' for season 4 if there is one.”  

“The main reason is really… I just can’t do it anymore. Literally, leaving my kids to film it is really, really hard on me," Polizzi confessed. "I try and quit every single day. I quit every time we film because I just hate being away from the kids."

She continued saying, "I don’t like partying three days in a row. It’s just not my life anymore."  "I want to be home with the kids. I don’t mind here and there going to a dinner or whatever, but it’s just really hard for me to leave the kids and film the show."

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