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Small Town Will Attempt To Make The Worlds Largest S’more

December 26, 2018

It’s cold enough at night to light a fire in the chimney and stay toasty. While you're keeping warm you could even make yourself a s’more. One small community is taking the s’more to the next level. 

The town of Middlesex, Vermont is hosting a winter solstice celebration this Saturday where they intend to make the world’s largest s’more. Yes, a s’more. The little graham cracker sandwich with chocolate and marshmallows in the middle, only much bigger. 

Their Winter S’morestice celebration will include live music, beer, wine, and food. The cracker portion of the s'more will be 4-feet by 8-feet and will be baked onsite by a local bakery according to the Facebook page. They have also been put in charge of whipping up the marshmallows. The chocolate portion will be provided by local chocolatiers. 

Once done, the massive S’more will be chopped up and served to attendees. Unfortunately, organizers did not inform Guinness World Record officials in time for them to make it to the event. Guinness told organizers that they could try again next year to set an official record. 

Even if they don’t set an official record, everyone who attends the event will still get a chunk of a giant s’more. 

Via: New York Post