People Thrown Off Ski Chair

Skiers Are Thrown Off A Malfunctioning Ski Chair At Resort in Georgia

This Video Is Absolutely Insane!

March 16, 2018

The following terrifying video has turned viral in just a few hours.

At least eight people are reported injured after a malfunctioning ski chair at a Georgia resort started going backward at a fast speed sending skiers flying off.

Though some did try to jump off, some were not so lucky and their bodies were thrown off when their chair crashed against others.

According to WFAA, the malfunction was due to the "negligence of chairlift workers" that caused it to operate in reverse. The injuries were not believed to be serious.

Knyvshov Peter from Ukraine was the person who witnessed the horrific scene and posted the video on facebook. 

“Numerous injuries to people who fell under the ‘meat grinder’ from the collapsing chairs, fractures and bruises to those who had time or thought to jump off,” read his post.