Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Robbie Robertson

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Robbie Robertson Collabs In "The Weight" With Ringo Starr And Other Musicians Across Several Countries

New version of 'The Weight', performed by musicians around the world.

September 18, 2019

Check out the awesome cover and video of ‘The Weight.’  Played by Robbie Roberson with Ringo Starr.  There was an added list of musicians form all over the world that played role in this amazing track celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Artist include Marcus King, Lucas Nelson, the Japanese guitar virtuoso Char, Congo soul singer Mermens Mosengo and more collaborated on this song to add their own flavor to the classic from different locations in over ten different countries.

The project idea came from ‘Playing For Change’, a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music.  It is dedicated to “break down the boundaries and overcome distance between people.”

‘The Weight' was done on an epic scale.  It took a year and a half of production in over five continents. Mark Johnson, Grammy winning producer, says, “What makes this special is we could never assembled this group in studio.” 

Johnson explains how it came together as they traveled the world.  He says, “We would deconstruct the track, so Ringo would replace the drums.  James Hutch Hutchinson would replace the bass. I’m putting headphones on musicians, and they’re listening to whatever preceded them and playing along. And that’s how we built it as we went from country to country.”

Via:  Rolling Stones