Loch Ness Monster Stock Photo

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New Research Shows That The Loch Ness Monster “Might Be Real”

June 3, 2019

We’ve heard many stories, theories and seen countless documentaries about the Loch Ness Monster. Now we might be getting some concrete evidence here soon. 

A team of researchers recently gathered samples of water and DNA from animals at three different depths at Loch Ness in Scotland. The samples were then sent to labs in New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, and France to be analyzed.

According to lead scientist, Professor Neil Gemmell of the University of Otago, New Zealand, the results from their research has been a bit surprising. His team tested each one of the monster hypotheses and believes that one might actually be correct.  

"What we'll have achieved is what we set out to do, which is document the biodiversity of Loch Ness in June 2018 in some level of detail. We've tested each one of the main monster hypotheses and three of them we can probably say aren't right and one of them might be." 

Gemmell said in a tweet that the results of his teams finding would be revealed in September of this year. Do you think we'll finally know the truth about the Loch Ness Monster? 

Via: BBC