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Russian Cargo Plane Drops $378 Million Worth Of Gold Bars

March 15, 2018

A Russian plane hauling some very valuable cargo lost it all just moments after takeoff. The cargo plane was hauling gold and platinum bars, as well as diamonds and other precious metals, vauled in the hundrereds of millions. 

As the Nimbus Airline An-12 cargo plane began its takeoof, strong winds blew the door off, losing the precious cargo in the process. The plane was forced to make an emgerency landing in a nearby town, as athourities rushed to recover the massive fortune. Yes, it was literally raining gold and diamonds in Russia today...

Reports say 200 gold bars, estimated to be worth close to $378 million, and other precious metals, including diamonds, scattered the Yakutsk Airport runway. So far, police have managed to recover 172 of the 200 gold bars. As for the remaining 28 bars, they'll probably end up being recovered, but we'd like to think that maybe one lucky Russian managed to snag a bar or two for himself...

Via MT Times