Roseanne Pays Tribute to Late Cast Member Glenn Quinn

April 11, 2018

During Tuesday night's episode of the Roseanne revival, a tribute was made to last castmember Glenn Quinn. The episode "Eggs Over, Not Easy," revolves around Becky's journey to be surrogate for a woman named Andrea. The episode reveals the news that Becky may never be able to conceive. It also highlights the struggles she deals with in sharing the news and deciding the next step in life. Towards the end of the episode, Becky is having a conversation with her sister Darlene. "My life wasn't supposed to turn out like this. Mark and I were gonna have kids... We were trying, like all the time." Mark, played by Glenn Quinn, was Becky's on-screen husband. Quinn passed in 2002 after overdosing. The conversation showed a different side of both Becky and Darlene and really captured the absence of Mark on the show. 

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