Rob Schneider’s “Makin’ Copies” Character From SNL Returns To TV

Schneider’s ‘Makin’ Copies’ Guy Seems To Have Trouble Fitting Into A Modern Office

August 20, 2019

Sipa USA

Everyone believes the most annoying person in their office is the worst coworker possible, but nothing can top what Rob Schneider brought to the world during his time on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ On Monday’s episode of David Spade’s new Comedy Central Show, ‘Lights Out,’ Schneider brought back his famous “Makin’ copies” character to annoy a modern office. However, as the copy machine has become less relevant, apparently so has the Richmeister.

Both Rob Schneider and David Spade were SNL cast members in the 90’s, so it was only a matter of time until the new late night host would please fans with a show call back. On Monday night’s episode of Spade’s show, ‘Light’s Out,’ Schneider made an appearance as one of his reoccurring characters during his time at SNL. The Richmeister, A.K.A the “Makin’ copies” guy, didn’t seem quite at home in a 2019 office.

Schneider’s character takes it pretty hard when Spade tells him “Nobody makes copies anymore. We do PDFs, we do Google Drive, we do WeTransfer, we have a password for doing air drop.” Of course, it all worked out as the Richmeister eventually got to make copies with David Spade, before breaking into some playful jabs at the host. Fans were just happy to see an old favorite, despite his annoying nicknames.

Via The Wrap