Tibrina Hobson / Stringer

Richard Grieco From '21 Jump Street' Arrested At DFW Airport For Public Intoxication

December 6, 2019

This week, "21 Jump Street" star Richard Grieco got himself into a bit of trouble.  

While trying to board a flight from DFW airport, Grieco was denied entry after an airline agent said he was too drunk to get on the plane.  

Apparently Grieco was seen leaning over the counter, yelling at employees and slurring his speech.  Plus he apparently had a strong smell of alcohol about him.    

When police arrived on the scene, they sat down with the actor to talk and that's when he admitted to drinking two cranberry vodkas beforehand.  

It was also reported that Grieco had prescription Klonopin in his bag.  A drug he said he takes to help calm his nerves before flights. 

The actor was booked for a flight out the next morning by the airline.  

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