Birthday Party For Old People


Woman Got A Birthday Discount For Her 109th, And The Restaurant Ended Up Owing Her Money

September 11, 2018

Last month Helen Self of Montana turned 109-years-old, and for her birthday she wanted to go to one particular restaurant. 

The Montana Club, where they offer the best birthday discount. You get one percent off your meal for each year of your life. You turn 40-years-old you get 40 percent off, you turn a 100-years-old, and you get 100 percent off. 

Helen has been celebrating her birthday at the Montana Club since she was 99, the restaurant's owner Nick Alonzo told Helen after her 99th that he would have to start owning her money the next time she came back. 

That’s exactly what happened, and she’s been coming back every year since. This year she ordered the breaded shrimp platter, which came with a salad, a loaded baked potato, and coleslaw and only cost 14.99. At the end of her meal, Alonzo was there to hand Helen the dollar and change that she was owed. 

In return, Helen gave Nick a kiss on the cheek and said that she’ll be back next year. 

Via: MSN