1995 Commercial Of The North East Mall In Hurst Goes Viral

May 27, 2019
'90s Fashion

Photo By Getty Images

Do you remember what life was like in DFW back in 1995? 

The Dallas Cowboys were the best team in the NFL, everyone had a beeper and malls were all the rage. 

Now a Reddit user has found what is probably one of the most retro videos on the Internet. It’s a 1995 commercial promoting all the stores inside the North East Mall in Hurst, Texas during the holiday season. 

This commercial is full of nostalgia that will give you all the feels. The music is straight out of the ‘90s, with some of the most awkward models showing off department stores that are no longer in the mall. No, that static effect you see wasn't added, it's part of the video because its so old. 

Did you shop at the North East Mall back in the day? Check out the video below.