Benedict Cumberbatch

(Photo by Dan MacMedan-USA TODAY NETWORK)

Real-Life Hero Benedict Cumberbatch Fought Off A Bunch Of Muggers Attacking A Cyclist

June 4, 2018

Don't mess with Dr. Strange.

Benedict Cumberbatch joins a small list of real-life celebrity heroes after he stopped some muggers in London. While heading home in an Uber, Cumberbatch witnessed an attack on a cyclist. Cumberbatch, without hesitating jumped out of the car to fend off four attackers.

Witnesses say Cumberbatch yelled, "Leave him alone!" then started pulling the muggers off the cyclist. Apparently one guy tried to punch Cumberbatch in the face, but didn't make contact before running away.

After the incident was over, Cumberbatch made sure the cyclist was alright, then gave him a hug before leaving. Thankfully, the cyclist wasn't roughed up too bad, just a few minor injuries.