Jay-Z Is Hip Hop’s First Billionaire, According To Forbes

The Rap Mogul Is Worth Over A Billion Thanks To His Many Ventures Outside Of Music

June 3, 2019

Plenty of hip hop artists talk about money, but when it comes to actually net worth, no one can touch Jay-Z. The iconic rapper has his name on a number of different ventures, and now, according to Forbes, Jay-Z has become the first hip hop billionaire.

Jay-Z came to fame thanks to his music career, but since gaining recognition, the mogul has added plenty to his resume, other than marrying Beyoncé. The rapper owns his own music streaming service, along with a sports management company, Roc Nation. He reportedly has a $70 million stake in Uber, to go with his estimated $70 million art collection, in addition to his $50 million from real estate and of course his music catalog.

All of this has helped push Jay-Z’s net worth to over a billion according to Forbes, making him hip hop’s first billionaire. Back in 2014, Dr. Dre claimed to be rap’s first billionaire, after Apple purchased Beats Music, but taxes brought his net worth just under one billion.

Plenty of fans went to social media to congratulate the rap icon. His growth from childhood struggle to hip hop’s first billionaire is a truly inspiring story. However, with all that money and success, nothing compares to the greatness of marrying Beyoncé.