Amish Buggy

Photo By Getty Images

Police Pull Over Amish Buggy, Find Stereo System And Open Bottles Of Beer Inside

September 18, 2019

Apparently this kind of thing happens more often than you’d think. 

Last weekend police in Ohio pulled over a horse and Amish buggy at 1 in the morning. Once stopped the two riding in the buggy jumped out before the police could question them, the horse then continued down the road. 

The horse was eventually corralled; the officer began searching the buggy and discovered a fully equipped stereo system and several open bottles of alcohol inside. They also found a 12 pack of beer on the roof. 

The buggy was later towed away, in the meantime officers found someone to care for the horse until its owners claimed it. 

While the Amish are known for shunning alcohol and modern technology, many have had trouble with the law regarding DUI’s in their buggies. Just last April a 21-year-old Amish man in Ohio ran a stop sign and admitted to drinking 10 beers after a police dashcam caught it all on video.