Florida Police


Police Officer Shows Off His Junk in 'Florida: The Second Chance State - Take 61'

July 6, 2018

WFTX-TV reports Sergeant James White of the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office was out with fellow officers last August, celebrating a detective's promotion.

While having drinks at Leroy's Southern Kitchen and Bar in Punta Gorda, FL (westcoast, northwest of Ft. Myers), Officer White reportedly began his exhibition at the bar, then walked around the bar, sat down, and made sure to provided a view, not legally allowed... lol!

Other than winter, it's hot in Florida, especially in August. Guess that's one way to cool your boys down. 

Internal Affairs concluded an investigation, which included the testimony of witnesses saying White had in fact exposed himself in public.

White, was subsequently terminated.

"Florida: The Second Chance State." Make a mistake, and most likely you'll get a second chance. However, in this case, it probably won't happen at a bar. Haha!