Image via Jennifer Marie Gower, Facebook

Player Suspended For Attack On Burleson Student During Football Game

September 27, 2018

The University Interscholastic League says it is investigating a targeted attack on a player during a freshman football game between Burleson High School and University High School in Waco.

Video shows a player from University High School repeatedly knock a player from Burleson to the ground. The Burleson player's mother, Jennifer Gower, says the other player choked her son and slammed his head to the ground several times.

"While the Waco player sat on top of my son, he put even more pressure against my son's windpipe as he began to stand up over him. Jagger could not breathe!" she wrote on facebook.

UIL says the player sat out the rest of the game and the first half of the next game. UIL guidelines say the player should have been ejected and required to sit out the first half of the next game. Gower says, even though those guidelines were followed, the player should be punished further.

"I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to another kid or family. If we allow this behavior without real discipline then our football fields will become less about sports and more about violence," she wrote, saying her son still has not been cleared to return to the field, but the other player has already returned.

The video she posted on Facebook has now been seen more than 156,000 times.

"If a player like that is even put back into the game means that the coach is just as bad!!!! " one person wrote.

"Charges need to be brought against this kid," another wrote. "There's no question this was assault."

Burleson ISD says coaches ran onto the field to help the player and protest the behavior of the other player with his coaches. Waco ISD says it imposed additional consequences on the player, but did not say what the consequences are. The athletic director for Waco ISD says the player apologized and shook hands with the player from Burleson after the game.