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Samuel L. Jackson Is Upset Over The Photoshop Mistake On The Spider-Man Poster

June 24, 2019

Why would anyone want to upset Samuel L. Jackson?

Actor Samuel L. Jackson has played some pretty iconic movie characters over the years. One of his more recent roles includes Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

He's reprising the role in the upcoming Spider-Man sequel “Spider-Man: Far From Home.” One eagle-eyed fan spotted an epic photoshop fail in one of the posters for the movie. Honestly, it doesn’t take a genius to spot that big of an error or maybe it does? 

A photo of the mistake started to make its rounds on social media and eventually made its way to Samuel L. Jackson himself. The poster features Jackson as Nick Fury but with his iconic eye patch is on his right eye instead of his left. 

Jackson who was a bit upset about the photo, posted it on Instagram with the caption, “Uhhhhhhh, What In The Actual F*** IS GOING ON HERE???!!!”

Check it out below. How did no one catch this before? 

Uhhhhhhh, What In The Actual FUCK IS GOING ON HERE???!!! #headsgonroll #lefteyemuthafukkah

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