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Husband Has Amazon Package Shaped Cake Made For Home-Delivery Loving Wife

Emily McGuire’s Two Favorite Things Are Receiving Amazon Packages, And Birthday Cake

July 26, 2019

Everyone enjoys the feeling they get when a package arrives at their door. Thanks to Amazon, this feeling has become an obsession, especially for one woman in North Carolina. That’s why, for her birthday, her husband decided to get her a cake designed after her favorite thing; an amazon package.

Emily McGuire takes shopping on Amazon very seriously. She says she receives two to three “lovely brown Amazon boxes” every week, and as her birthday approached, her husband got the idea to combine two of her favorite things; Amazon and birthday cake.

McGuire’s husband had the cake made to look exactly like an Amazon box. It was addressed to “1234 Birthday Lane” located in “Happy Birthday, 2U.” According to Emily, “in that moment, I knew my husband gets me.”

Pictures of the cake were posted on June 19th, and quickly went viral. Many people have commented, some wishing they had thought of it, and others wishing the cake were for them. Thanks to her husband, Emily McGuire got the birthday cake of her dreams. The only question is; how will he top it next year?

Via Fox News