Giant Malabar Squirrel

Photo By Getty Images

This Amazing Multicolored Squirrel Is Taking Over The Internet

April 3, 2019

We love our squirrels here in Texas. They’re everywhere and apart of our everyday lives. 

A very unique squirrel is now taking over the Internet. The three-tone Malabar giant squirrel is quite beautiful. With shades of orange, maroon, and purple in their coats they really stick out. One photographer in India managed to take a few pictures of this colorful rodent. Kaushik Vijayan was able to go deep inside the forest to capture these squirrels in their natural habitat.

According to the Independent Vijayan says, “The response I see from the people on social media when I post a picture of the giant squirrels fuels my enthusiasm to go out there. It was when I shared some of the photographs on social media many of my friends and followers came to know about the Malabar giant squirrel and they were all amazed by its appearance. The sight was an absolute feast for my eyes. Up until that point I had never heard about a squirrel like that or seen one.”

Check out the photo he took down below, they are definitely a sight to behold.