Photo Goes Viral of Texas Teen Shading A Woman With An Umbrella

May 18, 2018

There's still a little good in the world.

Louis Jordan was just picking his mom up from work in downtown Houston, when he saw a woman waiting for public transportation in the heat. He pulled his umbrella out of his car and provided shade for her until transportation arrived. Jordan tells KTRK in Houston, "It was unbearably hot. I wouldn't want to be out there in the sun. Come to find out, it was going to be a little longer for METRO Lift to come and get her, so we ended up waiting out there for an hour and 45 minutes."

Louis' mom took the photo that has since been shared hundreds of times.

The woman, Michelle, waits for the METRO lift just about everyday. Now her and Louis have become friends, everytime Louis sees Michelle waiting, he'll grab his umbrella and spend time with her. "We laugh, joke. She's in a book club. Come to find out, she likes pork chops."

Louis says that these acts of kindness, big and small, are reminders that there's still good in the world.