Check Out This Photo Of ‘The Goonies’ Cast From 1985 Vs 2019

The Goonies Crew Still Seems Up For Adventure

May 23, 2019

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff

You’re never too old to get together with some friends and look for buried treasure. It has been 33 years since ‘The Goonies’ was in theaters, but the classic movie is still influencing kids to embrace their adventurous side. Now a new photo shows the cast from 1985 vs 2019, and the crew still looks ready to battle bad guys on their road to treasure.

Goonies past + present

For those who didn’t obsess over ‘The Goonies’ during their childhood, the movie follows a rambunctious group of friends as they search for buried treasure. Of course, that journey would be anything but easy, as the group had to battle some bad guys along the way.

While the group has obviously aged over time, they still seem ready for adventure. The four cast members in the photo, Corey Feldman, Sean Astin, Jeff Cohen and Jonathon Ke Huy Quan reuniting is the nostalgia we all need. Hopefully at least one of them belted out a big “hey you guys!”

Via Imgur