Kids Trick or Treating

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Petition To Move Halloween To The Last Saturday Of October Picks Up Steam

July 26, 2019

Halloween has always been October 31st, but there’s a petition going around that wants to change that. 

The National Petition to Move Halloween has picked up some serious momentum recently. As of writing this, the petition has over 77,000 signatures. The Halloween & Costume Association started the petition and wants to move the date to the last Saturday of October. 

According to the website, they believe moving the date would make trick-or-treating safer for kids. They site that each year there are about 3,800 Halloween-related injuries. They also state that we shouldn’t cram one of the most beloved holidays into 2 hours on a weekday but that we should celebrate it all day instead. 

This year Halloween falls on a Thursday, how would you feel about moving the date to the last Saturday of October? Let us know in the comments. 

Via: USA Today