Whataburger Drive Thru

Gabe Hernandez/Caller-Times via USA TODAY NETWORK

There’s A Petition To Bring Whataburger To Nashville, Tennessee

August 27, 2019

Not every state in the South has a Whataburger. Once you leave Texas finding a Whataburger can be a challenge sometimes. 

Did you know that there’s not a single Whataburger in the state of Tennessee? now a resident of Nashville, Tennessee Micha Johnson wants to change that. 

He went as far as to make an online petition to bring Whataburger to Nashville. So far more than 4,600 people have signed it. Micha wrote in the petition's description that Whataburger is very important to the people of Nashville.

“Whataburger's 'Flying W' flag was planted at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro In 2010. I believe now is the time to plant that bad boy right here in The Athens Of The South. This city is continuing to grow and so are our stomachs. Nashville natives and transplants can all agree on one thing which is the importance of Whataburger.”

According to Whataburger's map, the closest restaurant to Nashville is all the way in Trussville, Alabama, which is about 175 miles away. 

When Whataburger is that far away, that’s a good enough reason to open up one. Click HERE to sign the petition and help bring joy to the people of Nashville; who knows you might have a craving for Whataburger the next time you visit Nashville. 

Via: FOX 17 Nashville