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Pennywise Doll Falls From The Sky And Into A couples Yard, They Immediately Burn It

August 19, 2019

What would you do if something creepy literally fell from the sky and landed in your yard? This couple from New Jersey may have found the perfect solution. 

On Saturday Renee Jensen was sitting outside relaxing with her boyfriend when she noticed something fall from the sky. She went over to investigate the strange object in her yard and found it to be a stuffed version of Pennywise the Clown from the 2017 horror movie ‘IT’. 

Jensen immediately freaked out when she saw that the doll had some sort of writing on it. 

"I turned it over and I jumped back and dropped the thing and yelled for Alex. He picked it up and I was freaking out. It was creepy and it had weird...I don't even know what the writing was. It looked culty."

The couple then called the police. When officers arrived and saw the doll they too were freaked out and refused to touch it. Jensen then took it upon herself to burn the doll, only it wasn’t easy. 

"They left and then I burned the thing. I tried to burn it with a lighter. The stupid thing would not light because it has the flame retardant. Then I put olive oil on it. Still wouldn't light. Then I put newspaper on it and it lit up on fire." 

After burning the doll Jensen told that she was so scared that she burned some sage and walked around the house, and said she slept with a knife that night.