Drums on the street

Photo By Getty Images

Police Responding To A Noise Complaint End Up Joining Street Musicians In Jam Session

May 1, 2019

Just as the weekend was getting started, someone called the police on two guys playing their instruments on the side of the street in Oklahoma. 

Little did anyone know that the officer responding to the noise complaint used to play the drums. According to the Oklahoma City Police Departments Facebook post, Officer Nate Ross explained to the two gentlemen that someone was complaining about their music was too loud. 

After explaining the situation, Officer Ross took it upon himself to jam out with the street musicians. Check out the video below that shows officer Ross drumming like a boss. 

According to officer Ross things could have gone differently, “I could have gone over there, talking down to them, telling them it was too loud and they needed to turn it down...but this was a lot more fun...it gave me a chance to interact with the people I serve.”

Everything worked out in the end, the men turned the music down and the officers had a good time. 

Via: Miami Herald