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Norway Opens The World's Most Beautiful Public Restroom

April 2, 2018

Norway may have just built the most beautiful public restroom in the world.

We know this is as important to y'all as it is to us.

The restroom sits along the coast of the Norwegian Scenic Route Helgelandskysten near the town of Gildeskål.  Benches were constructed near the restroom which the Norwegian Public Roads Administration believe are ideal for viewing the aurora borealis during the winter or the midnight sun in the summertime.  The benches are also constructed out of marble from the town of Fauske, and is the same stone used in New York’s United Nations building.  

"Ureddplassen" cost the Norwegian Public Roads Administration about $2 million to construct, but it is more than just a restroom.  It also pays tribute to the 42 men on the Royal Norwegian Navy submarine HNoMS Uredd hit a sea mine laid by a German warship.  

Ok.  We know this restroom is really pretty and all, but has Norway even heard of Buc-ee's?