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Photo by Gene Duncan/Disney Parks via Getty Images

Disney World’s New Sky Gondolas Left Passenger Trapped For Hours

October 7, 2019

Could you imagine being stuck on a ride for three hours? Hopefully, you went to the bathroom before you got on. 

Over the weekend the new Skyliner at the Walt Disney World resort in Florida stopped working while passengers were still inside the carts. The sky gondolas opened last week and was meant to be a new form of transportation to help take visitors from hotels to each park. Passengers were left stranded in the air for over three hours, luckily no one was injured. 

According to one of the passengers, firefighters arrived 45 minutes after the ride stalled. All the guests who were stuck on the ride were then lifted out and brought back to the ground the fire department. 

Disney released a statement saying they had been communicating with all the stranded passengers. 

“We have been in contact with the guests, many of whom were on the Skyliner for more than three hours until we were able to restart the system. We express our sincere apologies for the inconvenience and continue to work with each guest individually. ”

Disney World defiantly wasn’t the happiest place on earth last weekend. 

Via: People