Rainbow Brows


New Makeup Trend...Rainbow Brows!

July 6, 2018

It takes a bold personality to pull off a bold brow.

Just when we thought all the weird eyebrow trends had been exhausted, here come Rainbow Brows. If you like a lot of color, as in ROYGBIV, then this latest makeup trend is for you.

It all started with beauty blogger Nikki, who does online makeup tutorials. After her brother lost his battle with cancer, she posted the Rainbow Brows video. She wanted to do something colorful in his honor.

there’s a brand NEW video up on my channel -- link in bio! - as most of you know my little brother lost his fight against cancer a couple of days ago, and if there’s one thing he was incredibly proud of it’s my channel. today I’m posting this colorful video in honor of him, and to cheer up those in need of some color and fun.

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-- full video up on my channel -- link in bio!

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Of course she's not the only one jumping on the trend.

How satisfying is this FULL FACE #SuperBrow look from @rocioceja_ ?? #RainbowBrows #--

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Serving up the sweetest -- #superbrow you've ever seen @daryna_barykina #SuperBrow #RainbowBrows

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I wanna be the rainbow in your storm ------♥️ Mis cejas hechas con glitters de mi marca favorita de brillos @glambeautymineralcosmetics --y de hecho bebés quiero hacer un tutorial de maquillaje con estos colores pero todavía no me decido si de cejas, labios u ojos -- a ustedes que les gustaría? Mis pestañas de mink de @capuchinoo.mx y mis lentillas negras @ttd_eye ---- recuerden que con el código “adiccionallabial” les harán un descuento #rainbowmakeup #rainbowbrows #pride-- #orgullolgbt ##lgbt

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Ok, so probably not an everyday look, but could be a lot of fun at parties and Halloween.