Natty Light Is Seeking College Students For Their Summer Internship Program

May 10, 2019
Guy Holding Natural Light Beer

Photo By Alton Strupp/Courier Journal-USA Today

Calling all college students!

Now that finals are over its time to kick back and enjoy the summer, and what better way to celebrate your time off than with an ice cold Natty Light. How about getting paid to drink Natty Light? 

Instead of going home and looking for a summer job, you can apply to be a summer intern at Natty Light. The company is looking for a few students to be apart of their team and yes, it is a paid internship.

Natural Light's brand manager posted a video on social media explaining the type of candidates that they’re looking for. "Well-rounded, fun-loving human beings who know how to get things done." Some of the responsibilities include attending sporting events and traveling to cool places. 

Check out the video below for all the details.

Via: Delish