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A Mysterious Light In The California Sky Appeared Wednesday Night, Sending Many To Social Media To Question The Phenomenon

Astronomers Say It Was Most Likely A Meteor That Caused The Strange Light

December 20, 2018

Many Californians were left confused Wednesday night after a mysterious light appeared in the night sky. Social media immediately blew up with photos, videos and questions about the phenomenon. While initially a mystery, the National Weather Service says the bright light in the sky was most likely a meteor.

It is unknown what time the meteor appeared in the California sky, but based on the photos and videos on social media, it took place after the sun was set. Many were confused as the object wasn’t clear behind the bright light, and smoke in the sky. Shortly before 7 P.M., the National Weather Service tweeted out their reasoning for the night time spectacle.

While not 100 percent sure, they claimed the most likely scenario was that this light came from a meteor shooting through space, at a close enough distance to Earth for those who were looking up at the sky in California could see. Based on social media posts, the meteor could be seen from Tahoe, to the Sacramento area, and all the way to Southern California.

In some videos a bright light can be seen as a large illuminated circle that sat on top of a smoke plume. This is how it was determined that it was most likely a meteor, as it gave the appearance of a meteor burning up in the atmosphere. Many throughout the state were quick to capture the quick meteor light on camera. Many photos and videos of the meteor were posted to social media.

While many were confused by the phenomenon, the National Weather Service was quick to shut down any other claim as to what the shooting light could be. That being said, they did say it was not for 100 percent certainty, so it could still be aliens, as many social media users hoped. For now, we’ll just have to take the National Weather Service for their word, until we see some extra-terrestrials walking around.

Via CBS News 8