Mural Honoring Fallen Dallas Police Officers Removed

March 27, 2018

A mural honoring the fallen Dallas police officers from the July 7 shooting has been taken down. The mural was originally painted on a metal fence that was on the side of Last Call Lounge restaurant in Oak Cliff. According to the city, the fence obstructed the view at an intersection and needed to be taken down. The mural was up for about a year until a recent complaint was made.

But families and friends of the fallen police officers are saying the mural was more than just art on the side of a street. It was a memorial for those who are still living through the loss of their loved ones. "It's not just some crazy random graffiti put up, it's something beautiful. Of course it brought me to tears, because it's remembering what I had to do in burying my son," says Valerie Zamarippa who lost her son Patrick Zamarippa in the ambush. 

The restaurant management said they've received warnings from the city and could face a $1,000 fine if the mural wasn't removed. Last Call Lounge decided to make the tough call of taking it down in order to comply. 

Dallas Police Department has released a statement following the mural's removal: "Chief Martinez is trying to help the business owner find someone who would like to have it and preserve it. He will not directly be taking possession of the mural. We appreciate you putting this story out there, so hopefully we can find someone who would like to keep the mural."